How to relieve the pain of children coping with loss? How to help them identify their emotions and feel secure talking about the one they miss so dearly?

Sam is a big boy in Kindergarten. Since he has lost his father, he has tried many things to fix his broken heart and is now willing to share his story with other kids who feel like their heart will never get fixed. “Fix my heart, Mom” is a tale followed by an activity guide through which parents and therapists may choose between different tools to help little ones with invisible wounds name their emotions, welcome them or let them go whenever they are too heavy to bear. You will find activities based on Kintsugi, the Japanese philosophical art as well as playful exercises of sophrology, a mindfulness technique to help ease day-to-day emotions and thoughts in the grieving process.

What is Sophrology ?

A Little History Sophrology was founded in the 1960s by Alfonso Caycedo, a neuropsychiatrist eager to find a different way to heal his patients. After traveling around the world, Professor Caycedo discovered Yoga, Japanese Zen, Meditation, Qi-Qong and elaborated a new method to quiet the mind and help reduce stress with gentle body movements, breathing techniques and positive visualization. Sophrology…